Dumpling Forming Machine Archive

HM – 770

Product-200871010032Dumpling/Samosa Forming Machine(Large Type)

•Dimension:L1200 x W760x H1620 / mm
•Machine Weight:380kg
•Product Weight:6~100g/pcs
•Capacity:50~230pcs / hr
•Electricity:3 Phase 220V, 3.75kw
•EU-70 Encrusting Unit (Specification) ◦*Dimension:L1040xW570xH720/mm
◦*Machine Weight:80kg
◦*Product Weight:10~100g/pcs
◦*Electricity:3 Phase,220V,0.78KW


The HM-770 is a newly ameliorating model bigger than HM-769 specialized to form large dumplings .
With three independent controllers and set water cooling compressor system to formingvarious food products with filling inside.
Free selection of forming mold size and shape by replacing attachments.

By simply changing forming mold, it is suitable to produce Dumpling, Samosa, Egg Roll, Potsticker, Emapanda, Ravioli, Apple Pie, Curry Puff, Pierogi, Gugia, Tortellini and more. To connect with “EU-70 Encrusting Unit”,the Small Juicy Meat Bun and Small Meat Pie can made by same machine.

HM – 769

17-hm769HM769 is suitable to produce a wide variety of filled food products, such as Samosa,

Pierogi, Patties, Empanada, Ravioli, Curry Puff, Tortellini, Finger Roll, Dumpling ,

Mini Egg Roll, Noodle, Pasta , Apple Pie, Gugia , Maccheroni and more.

•Machine Dimendion: L 820x W 540 x H 1840cm
•Machine Weight: 320kg
•Product Weight: 15 ~ 60g
•Capacity: 50 ~ 150pcs/min
•Electricity: 3 Phase , 220V, 2.2KW


  • If you have “ Dumpling Forming Machine”, you may just purchase the “ EU-70 Encusting Unit“ to produce small Juicy Meat Bun.



  • Product Weight:10~100g

  • Capacity:10~40pcs/min

  • Machine Size:L1040xW570xH720/mm

  • Machine Weight:80kg

  • Electricity:3Phase,220V,0.78KW

•It’s compact and versatile ; multi-function and easy operation.
•Free selection of size and shape by replacing attachments.