Metal detectorThe award-winning Loma IQ3 and IQ3+ range of
metal detectors are the first to offer true variable frequency, operating between 40 – 900 kHz. The IQ3 and IQ3+ metal detector selects the correct operating frequency in seconds, eliminating past performance restrictions caused by limited frequency metal detectors. Changes in products or packaging that necessitate a frequency change no longer require the expense and inconvenience of operator intervention.
Loma IQ3 and IQ3+ metal detectors are UL and CUL approved, the first and only systems on the market to attain this approval.

Rapid temperature changes, vigorous and caustic wash-down regimes, high humidity and saline environments are just some of the factors that can take its toll on even the toughest environmental standards.

To provide added peace of mind in these harsh environments, Loma offers ultra-harsh metal detector search heads in the IQ3 and IQ3+ series. Advanced construction consisting of 304L stainless steel, polymers and resins create water and dust tight seals – perfect for improving sanitisation, preventing erosion and combating thermal shock. The IP69K rating ensures you have the most rugged system for your demanding environment.