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MBAThe long loaf forming machine model MBA is a machine to form long loafs, baguettes, small loaf and other types of bread up to a max. lenght of 70 cm.

It is generally mounted on an aluminium frame with castors, but it can also be put on the working bench. The working of the dough is soft and progressive, the adjustment of the rolling and extencion up to 700 mm. is driven through levers. The dough is loaded on a inclined hopper equipped with safety device to protect the operator in case of wrong operation. The dough is unloaded on a folding conveyer.

All the pulling cylinders and all the rotating parts are monted on airtight ball bearing. The two rolling cylinders are covered with non-toxic plastic material for food, two covers allow an easy access to all the parts of the machine for a good control and cleaning.


Conical rounder MPCThis machine, which is the result of the most advanced techniques, is suitable for processing any kind of dough.

The passage between the grooves and a rotating cone is made gently, giving evenly rounded loaves, which can be used either as the finished product or processed again to get different shapes.

This unit is especially suited to be combined with automatic dividing machines,owing to a special dough drying system which prevents the dough from sticking.


Water CoolerThe water chillers MR inox cool water quickly thanks to accurate design that uses a good relationship between the power of the refrigeration unit and the tank containing the water.

The use of an external pump circulates the water thus preventing the formation of ice, the tank water temperature is also digitally controlled, the chilled water output speed is regulated by automatic pumps with variable flow rate and sizes available.

Product quality is assured by the use of raw materials derived exclusively from italy, certified for food use and in compliance with strict regulations. The tank, evaporator and external panels are in stainless steel. Eco friendly gas R 404 A is used in the refrigeration unit.