DCF 1.0Mecsistem designed the following models of peelers depending the product to be treated:
Termofisic peeler, for potatoes, carrots, tomato etc..
Batch and continuous abrasive peeler for potato, carrot, onions etc..
Mechanical peeler for tomato

Each model is made with different capacity in funtion of the Client necessity.


filtroolio1MecSistem developed a series of different kind of filters for the fryer oil to keep the oil as clean as possible and avoid that the residues of products remain long time in the oil.

Belt filter: the oil in the fryer flow continuously through a special belt made in stainless steel net with a light through the cracks of xx mm. The waste is continuously unloaded from the belt outside.
Net Filter: the oil of the fryer flow continuously through a net mounted on a rotating drum with a light between the meshes of xx mm. The waste is continuously unloaded with a belt outside.
Paper filter: the oil in the fryer goes through a special paper resistant to high temperature and continuously removes all small particles. Normally used at the end the production to clean the oil.

The various types of filter are made in different models depending on the capacity.


MECFLOW1The MECFLOW models are fluid bed deep freezers to produce IQF products, completely assembled in MecSistem to facilitate the transport and the installation in the Client factory.

The air flow is from the bottom to the top through the conveyor belt made in Stainless Steel with a specific mesh to allaud the correct flow through the belt and the product; the product due to the speed of air is completely lapped by a turbulent flow of the cold air that allows an ultra rapid IQF freezing of product as: peas, green beans, french fries, diced fruit and vegetables, berries, shell off shrimps etc..

The freezer is complete of: heavy duty Stainless Steel frame, the conveyour, the Stainless Steel belt (model depending the product), a tightening system for the belt, the evaporator (model and quantity depend the product, capacity and refrigerant), one cabin made in sandwitch panels for thermal insulation, uno access door, the washing system, the internal illumination and the control panel.

All freezers can be supplied with or withour refrigeration system, the refrigerant liquid can be FREON or AMMONIA.