Reversible dough Sheeters (manual, Automatic) Archive


Manual Sheeter Q50B-Q50S

The manual sheeter Queen Q5O is the perfect ally for those who are in search of a machine simple to use but reliable and very compact at the same time, thanks to its small size and to its foldable tables. The front handle allows a quick and easy adjustment of the cylinders’ lowering and the joystick, on the machine’s upper side, enables the operator to work in a natural and ergonomic position.

Two versions are available:

  • Bench model (Q50B)

  • Shelved structure on wheels (Q50S)


Automatic Sheeter QMTThe smallest sheeter of the TRONIC line, it is provided with the same mechanical components as its sisters machines so it guarantees highly professional performances. The setting of the up-and-down movement of the cylinders is automatic and can be stored in the practical on-board computer (100 programs).

The inversion of the belts direction is possible by means of the ergonomic rocker arm or practical pedals. The machine is standard equipped with an inverter which allows to adjust the belts’ speed according to all different needs. Conveyor tables can be folded up and easily removed in order to facilitate the moving of the machine. The scrapers, which are positioned in a way so that they are easily accessible to the operator, are very easy to clean.

The wide opening of its cylinders, together with its strong tables, make this sheeter practical to use and long lasting in time.