Bag Packing Machinery by Pouch Type

Pouch Doy bagAs the names suggests, the spout pouch filling and capping machine is generally used for filling and capping stand up pouch for packaging liquid, such as jelly, milk, fruit juice, seasoning, detergent, etc. The standard liquid packaging machinery is suitable for 100-500ml stand up pouch.

1. The variable frequency variable speed system is installed to regulate production rate.
2. The precise indexer helps achieve accurate turnplate positioning.
3. To reduce the labour intensity, this spout pouch filling and capping machine is engineered with automatic pouch feeding mechanism.
4. Our liquid filling and packing machine adopts special metering device to ensure accurate filling amount.
5. Liquid splashing and bubbling can be avoided by virtue of the vacuum and insert-type liquid filling.
6. This spout pouch filling machine comes with automatic adjustable cap handling and tightening device, ensuring the cap is firmly tightened up.
7. In addition to the automatic standing pouch unloading device, the pouch capping equipment is installed with organic glass screen for high safety.
8. For good durability, we produce the spout pouch filling and capping machine with stainless steel rack, electroplated pressing plate, and 304 stainless steel plate housing.
Technical Parameters

Applicable Packing Bag Size:  Width: 60-120mm, length:100-200mm
Production Capacity:  3000-5000 bags/hour
Total Power:  2kW
Power Supply:  3N-50Hz, 380V (Three phase five wire)
Machine Weight: 1800kg
Overall Dimensions: 4500×2700×2800mm
Air Consumption: 0.5m3/min
Air Pressure:  ≥0.6Mpa
Filling Capacity: 100-500ml