Denesters Archive


DSG Denesters

Designed for oversized cups, the denester model DSG deposits round and rectangular cups of large sizes, especially used for family sized cakes.

The innovative system of the denester model DSG consists of two devices with suction cups and independent from each other: one is for depanning and one is for unloading cups. This system makes it possible to arrange the feeders at a larger pitch with respect to the one for placement. A motorized arm makes the change of pitch when the cups are being placed into the tray. In this way, the hand loading operations of the cups into the feeders are facilitated because of the additional space at disposal.


NCR Denesters

Special paper cups, like the tulip ones, are deposited by our denester model NCR, manufactured right for this kind of product. It is also possible to deposit other kinds of cups of small dimensions, at high speeds.

The denester model NCR consists of a frame to be mounted over a conveyor and of a rotating head. This double effect head can depan the cups from the feeders, simultaneously place them into the indents of the trays, and therefore cut the times of the working cycle in half. If using baking trays with very narrow pitches it is possible to place the cups at a different pitch with respect to the depanning one. This denester is provided with full brushless drives for high performances.


NC DenestersThe cup denester model NC is the most versatile machine for the placement of paper cups into indented trays. It is used for round and rectangular cups of small and average size, as well as for self-supporting ones.

The NC machine consists of a frame designed to be mounted over a conveyor. The cup depositing head is made up of a series of stacking feeders and of a motorized depanning arm.

A patented air blow system allows to separate the cups inside the feeders and place them on the tray, ensuring extreme working reliability and efficiency. These feeders are easily interchangeable and designed in accordance with the specifications of the cup to place. The machine can have horizontal movement in order to place the cups directly over the oven band.


DSM Denesters

The first to be made, this denester model DSM is the only one to consent the placement of foils, paper cups and plastic blisters. It is used for the placement of lids and containers as well.

This denester model DSM can be mounted over a conveyor or installed laterally to the production line, because of the frame suitably designed. The deposit head is equipped with a series of interchangeable feeders and with a tilting arm having suction cups to depan and place the cups down. Due to its large versatility it is used during different production stages.