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ROBOT Depanners

The depanner model Robot is extremely flexible as it lends itself to numerous depanning applications by making it possible to practically depan all kinds of products.

The depanner model Robot is used for depanning or overturning the products from the baking trays. Tray overturning occurs by means of a rotating head, whilst the products are depanned through a head with needles, suction cups or clamps. All heads are easily interchangeable for quick change-overs and the robot is secured by a protection crate that limits its movements. Comas programmes robots of the best brands worldwide to make the best use of them on the installed production lines.


STAR GATE Depanners

The depanner model Star Gate reproduces the manual tray overturning job, with the automation of this process. The depanning phase has been studied to handle, with the greatest care possible, those products that must be turned over from the baking trays.

Star Gate consists of a frame and of a belt for the overturning and transfer of the products. With a rotary movement of the belt, achieved through a servo-motor, it is possible to overturn the baking trays accurately so as to deliver the products, correctly positioned, to the next conveyor, towards other working or wrapping stations.


SMO DepannersNormally used on plants, the depanner model SMO depans the products off the baking trays and places them down on the conveyor belt. It is possible to depan cakes, pies, croissants and many other types of products.

The SMO depanner is made up of a frame on which a motorized moving head slides, this allows the products to be depanned in various manners. In fact, according to the product, it is possible to use heads with needles, suction cups or clamps. Robust mechanics consent to depan the products from more trays at the same time in order to speed up the working cycle.

For high speed needs, the machine can be supplied with servo-motors.