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prodpicThe PV-Series power base gives the operator complete control over the speed at which a product is dispensed (which is not possible with the single speed power bases), the amount to be dispensed, the ability to adjust reversing of the pump after each cycle, automatic cycling and continuous dispensing. The ability to control all of these functions broadens the range of product applications.

Speed Control:
This is essential in order to deliver a product onto a conveyor by precisely matching the speed of the belt. It also enables a product to be dispensed through a spout or a hand-held hose assembly at a speed comfortable to the operator. Control of dispensing speed is necessary when metering a product into a container where splashing must be controlled. Speed control is also essential in preventing delicate pastry shells from bursting during injection. These are only a few examples that illustrate the importance of this capability.

Normal Cycle:
Each time the trigger is activated in a normal cycling mode, the unit will dispense a preset amount of product, reverse and then stop.

The reversing motion of the pump after each cycle is necessary to ensure precise product cutoff. This motion prevents dripping in higher viscosity products. However, in applications involving products with lower viscosity, dripless-valves are offered to aid in cleaner product cut off.

Automatic Cycle:
Automatic cycling is a function that relieves the operator from repeatedly pressing the trigger in order to cycle the unit. The amount dispensed and waiting time are fully adjustable, as they are in all of our power bases.

Continuous Dispensing:
The continuous dispensing mode is used to pump a product for an indefinite period of time. Combined with speed control, it provides extreme flexibility in a virtually endless variety of applications.

All of the above functions are fully adjustable from the control pad and provide the user with uniformity, control and flexibility in any metering application.


ptbigThe PT-Series transfer system dispenses products directly from a mixing bowl or other container, thus eliminating frequent and time consuming hopper refills. Some of its applications are: filling cups, trays, pans, bottles and other containers as well as depositing muffin, cupcake and pound cake batter, pie fillings, topping Danish pastries, tarts etc.

The PT-Series power base can be used in two distinct modes:

1. As a dosing transfer system, where the product can be pumped directly from a large vat or mixing bowl (as seen on left) and dispensed in metered quantities through a variety of accessories and custom spout configurations.

2. As a gravity fed system, where the product is placed in a hopper and dispensed through a selection of accessories and custom spout configurations.

The PT-Series is a completely portable system and consists of two major components – a power base and a pump/filler unit. When pumping from a large vat, the power base and pump assembly may be placed on a table or our specially designed cart. The suction tube, fitted with a check-valve on one end, extends directly down to the bottom of the vat. The system may be placed alongside a conveyor with a discharge spout configuration extending over the moving conveyor.

When used as a hopper-feed system, the PT-Series may be placed over a conveyor.

The power base has the same functions as our PV-Series, namely-speed control, reversing, normal cycling, automatic cycling and continuous dispensing.

There are two basic pumps available for the PT-Series. The FT-Series is a gear-type pump (similar to FS-Series) and is used to dispense smooth products. The FTR-Series is a lobe-type pump (similar to RP-Series) designed to dispense lumpy material as well as products containing particles (nuts, fruit, berries etc.).