ptbigThe PT-Series transfer system dispenses products directly from a mixing bowl or other container, thus eliminating frequent and time consuming hopper refills. Some of its applications are: filling cups, trays, pans, bottles and other containers as well as depositing muffin, cupcake and pound cake batter, pie fillings, topping Danish pastries, tarts etc.

The PT-Series power base can be used in two distinct modes:

1. As a dosing transfer system, where the product can be pumped directly from a large vat or mixing bowl (as seen on left) and dispensed in metered quantities through a variety of accessories and custom spout configurations.

2. As a gravity fed system, where the product is placed in a hopper and dispensed through a selection of accessories and custom spout configurations.

The PT-Series is a completely portable system and consists of two major components – a power base and a pump/filler unit. When pumping from a large vat, the power base and pump assembly may be placed on a table or our specially designed cart. The suction tube, fitted with a check-valve on one end, extends directly down to the bottom of the vat. The system may be placed alongside a conveyor with a discharge spout configuration extending over the moving conveyor.

When used as a hopper-feed system, the PT-Series may be placed over a conveyor.

The power base has the same functions as our PV-Series, namely-speed control, reversing, normal cycling, automatic cycling and continuous dispensing.

There are two basic pumps available for the PT-Series. The FT-Series is a gear-type pump (similar to FS-Series) and is used to dispense smooth products. The FTR-Series is a lobe-type pump (similar to RP-Series) designed to dispense lumpy material as well as products containing particles (nuts, fruit, berries etc.).