CheckweighingThe unique, low center of gravity, forward-facing control box of the Loma CW3 range minimizes vibration and enhances accuracy. The graphical color touch screen display is easy to see and offers a simple user-friendly menus. The CW3 range can be customized easily to suit your applications, with the optimum transport device and reject mechanism.

Furthermore, by networking these devices, we have succeeded in placing the checkweigher at the center of the production environment, making it a source of information, which can help improve your company’s bottom line.

Our CW3 range of checkweighers are designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the toughest of production environments, have quick-change conveyor parts and powerful AC motors. The tubular framework not only delivers a hygienic design but is flexible in the event you need to change transport or reject systems.

Whether you require a simple in-line “policeman checkweigher” or a fully-featured system with enhanced statistical analysis, we have a system to suit your requirements