DK-450W1. Dual frequency conversion control, Bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and films.
2. The human-machine interface, with the convenience of parameter setting.
3. Self failures diagnosis, clear failure displaying.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye tracing, digital input of cutting and sealing position for extra accuracy.
5. Separate PID temperature control, more suitable for packing different materials.
6. Reciprocating edge sealing makes the seal firmer, without any wear of the cutters.
7. Edge sealing with insert device makes better looking of the bag, improving the product quality.
8.Positioning stopping function、not adhesive to cutters and no waste of packing films.
9.Simple driving system, more reliable working and more convenient maintenance.
10. All controlled by the software, convenient function for adjusting and technical upgrading, never backward.

Applicable for packing various solid regular objects with inserting angle , such as biscuits, rices rispies treats,snow cakes, bread, instant noodles, rice noodles, commodities, sanitary napkin, industrial components, carton and trays etc.

Technical specifications
Model DK-450W
Film width Max 450mm
Bag length 120-450mm
Bag width 50-160mm
Product height 10-80mm
Film roll diameter Max 320mm
Packaging rate 20-80bag/min
Power 220V,50/60Hz,3.2KW
Machine size (L)3960×(W)830×(H)1780
Machine weight 980Kg