IBT50-100-130-150 The most important objective of Mixer staff in the design and manufacture of beater arm mixers is quality doughs.

For this reason, special care has been taken with the joint fits between fork tool and blade arm and with finding the optimal ratio of bowl speed to tool speed.
Beater arms mixers generally work at higher speeds to give a more refined and accurate processing, which contributes to improve quality of end products. Smaller quantities of dough can also be processed, from around 10% of total capacity and above.

Higher speeds require redimensioned parts and components and a lot of work of Mixer went into producing a series of robust and reliable pieces of equipment.

IBT fixed bowl beater arms mixers meet with all the requirements for delicate confectioner’s dough and can also be used with more tenacious doughs for bread and pizza.
Two versions of this model are available:

IBT BASIC 50 Manual version with interlocking bowl and tool speeds, and button for moving from first to second speed.

IBT STANDARD 50 – 100 – 130 – 150 Automatic versions with two speeds for arms and bowl and two timers to diversify mixing times at first and second speeds.

OPTIONAL Amongst other options, IBT models can also be produced with stainless steel structure.