Jolly LCDThat’s absolutely the real “TOP” product! “TOP SERIES” vacuum packing machines, in their newest and stylish version, are the best union of quality, design and high working performance to be “at the top” of the whole category. Not only these models have a very solid and charming structure, but they also offer very useful devices like the regulation of vacuum phase by sensor, self-cleaning pump system to, “STEP VAC” function to pack liquids and 10 available working programs to customize… It is also possible for customers to apply for a new micro-printer to label bags and therefore obtain a better organization and storage of your products.



Structure: Inox

Overall dimension: 510x560x450 H

Size of the chamber: 410x450x220 H

Sealing bar: mm 400

Vacuum pump: Q = 20/24m3/h-OIL

Weight: Kg 60

Absorption: W 900

Voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz