Vertical granuleThe DXDK320 multi-lane packaging machine for granule is applicable for all kinds of granules, like washing powder, rice, etc.

Main Features

A. The equipment supports four-side sealing, as well as high speed and multi-lane packing. It offers high working efficiency.
B. It is fully automatic due to the design of PLC programmable control system.
C. Due to the stepless frequency changer for packaging speed adjustment, the granule packing machine offers more reliable and convenient operation.
D. The photoelectric tracking system is adopted to make sure the printed patterns on both sides of the packaging bag are complete. The automatic counting function makes counting precision.
E. The machine has automatic batch number printing function, and supports creating of easy-tear notch in longitudinal or transverse direction.

Technical Specifications: Model DXDK320

Cutting speed: 30-60/min.
Packing speed: 120-360bgs/min
Applicable film: Aluminum plastic composite film/ Aluminized film
Measuring range: 1-20 g/bag
Bag length: 30-120mm
Bag width: 50-150mm
Max. number of longitudinal lanes: 8
Power: 3.5kw
Package size: 1270mm×1070mm×1720mm(L×W×H)
G.W.: 1000kg