Pillow 1

Main Features

A. The multifunction packaging machine comes with automatic microcomputer control, and automatically displays length, quantity, and error, etc.
B. Easy operation and high efficiency.
C. The pillow type packaging machine provides high precision, perfect seal and high stability.

Accessory Equipment

The pillow type multifunction packaging machine can be installed such auxiliary equipment as auto-feeding device, date printer and auto gas charger.

Main Specifications

Machine name Pillow Type Multifunction Packaging Machine
Production capacity: 30-140(one cutting knife) 80-290(double) 80-290(three)
Packing shape: Square, rectangle, circular, ellipse and flake etc.
Packing range: The length of the bags 170-400mm 80-300mm 60-100mm
Width (mm): 35-100mm
Height (mm): 20-80mm 3-40mm 2-30mm
Max. width of film: 300mm
Max. diameter of film: Ф350mm
Gross power: 3kw
Power supply: 220v 50-60HZ
Gross weight: 900kg
Overall dimensions (mm): 4700*850*1550