Pillow Vegetable 1Main Features
A. RezPack vegetable packaging machine, specially designed for packing vegetable and flowers, can pack 1 pc or more pieces of vegetables and flowers.
B. With computer screen, the packaging machine is easy to operate.
C. The vegetable packaging machine makes use of safety device to avoid cutting the products.
D. The packing machine offers horizontal seal, which accomplishes single side sealing or both sides sealing independently.

Accessory Equipment
The vegetable packaging machine can be installed with such accessory equipment as date printer and knuckle device.

Main Specifications

Machine name: Vegetable Packaging Machine
Max. capacity: 20 pcs/min
Max. packing film width: 620 mm
Max. packing film diameter: 350mm
Max. packing bag length: 1000mm
Max. packing bag width: 280mm
Packing film thickness: 0.02-0.06mm
Power supply: 220V 50Hz / 3Kw
Overall size: L*W*H 2250mm*900mm*1900mm
Gross weight: 400kg