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Filling FS_4LDescription

The FILL SEAL 4L is an in line filling/sealing machine working on 4 rows. It is a completely automatic machine able to satisfy high productions (up to 10000 pieces per hour).
The machine can run containers made of PS, PP, PET, aluminium, coupled cardboard, etc ….
The volumetric dosing system allows to package a wide range of liquid or doughy products (yogurt, cheese, margarine, jam, sauces, etc ..) even containing small solid parts.
All the main motions are mechanical, which ensures high precision and speed in working, together with minimum maintenance and long lasting performances. The well-known Siemens PLC makes the usage of the machine easier and reduces the cost of staff training.
The IP 65 protection class, the noble material the machine is constructed of (stainless steel and treated aluminium) and the engineering design assure fast and simple cleaning operations.
ILPRA high constructive standards together with mass production make the FILL SEAL 4L model the right solution to achieve both high productivity and quality at a very interesting price.
A wide range of accessories is available on request. Among them there are the following:

– high capacity storage to feed the containers automatically
– CIP (cleaning in place) filling system
– Snap on lid unit
– Different solution for sanitization

In additional to the standard version – able to seal pre-cut lids – there is a version that can seal and cut compatible films coming from reel.

F 1800


The Fill Seal 1800 is a filling/sealing machine equipped with an automatic turntable of 6 positions, suitable for production up to 1800 pieces per hour.

The machine is designed for packaging liquid and doughy products, such as yogurt, cheese, milk, margarine, butter, jam, honey, sauces, soups, etc… in pre-formed containers made of PS, PET, PP, aluminium and coupled cardboard.
• The containers are thermo-sealed with aluminium or coupled paper pre-cutlids.
• This model has been expressively studied to satisfy the needs of small or medium production, providing the highest quality standard with good value and practical use.
• It is a filling/sealing machine, completely constructed of stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
• Cleaning and maintenance operations are both very simple.
• The machine can be customized with several different options: filling system with automatic cleaning (CIP), lifting device for dosing, laminar flow cap.

FS 2000

Filling 20000Description


It is a 10-line machine able to work 20.000 pieces per hour; in the best working conditions it can even achieve an output of 24.000 pieces per hour.

Conceived to automatically fill and seal dairy products and adaptable to every kind of liquid and doughy products, it is suitable for medium and large outputs and is completely made of high quality materials (the filler is made of stainless steel AISI 316). All the main functions of the machine, except the sealing that is pneumatic, are mechanic , thus granting a high precision in working and a remarkable easiness in usage and maintenance.

The machine functions are electronically controlled by a microprocessor connected to an industrial PC which allows the machine to perform all the operations with the highest precision and a total control.


All the in-line FILL SEAL models are available in the following versions:

•BASE: It is the complete machine equipped with loading and ejection units.
•SANITIZED:It is the BASE version but equipped with sanitizing treatment of cups and covers. The sanitizing process is performed by means of jests of steam.
•ASEPTIC:it is the BASE version equipped with treatment for cups and lids performed by hydrogen peroxide. The whole working surface is covered by proper protections that allows to keep the machine in sterilized air overpressure.