Thermoforming Machines Archive



The EASYFORM model is a very compact in line thermoforming machine. Only 3 meter long, this machine features at best the principles of a new technology conceived to meet the different requirements of customers in industrial, food and medical sectors. Its features are the following:

• Versatility: the machine can thermoform both flexible and rigid material. It is available in two versions: Easyform N for sealing only and Easyform VG for vacuum packaging and vacuum/gas packaging.
• Friendly use: it is suitable for different productions thanks to the very easy size change. It is the ideal also for customer at their first packaging experience.
• Standard configuration : it is possible to choose a wide combination of sizes available in stock, thus reducing the delivery term at competitive prices.
• Hygiene: completely constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum with IP 65 protection class it can be easily washed and be placed in very humid and aggressive working environment.

• Custom tailored: a wide range of options makes the machine suitable for different working requirements.



The Formpack models F4 and F5 are thermoforming machines able to satisfy both medium and high production requirements, depending on the different kinds of customization.
The main features of both models are as follows:
-They can be used with a wide variety of thermoform films, including flexible, rigid and foamed materials. All standard sealing materials such as plastic, medical paper and tyvec can be used.
– The F4 and F5 machines are available in both seal-only format and vacuum-gas format for producing vacuum, MAP and skin packs.
– The machines can be customized regards the length of frame, the mould motion, the thermoforming system, the loading area, the number and type of cutting stations.
– Both models are suitable for working in damp, aggressive environments as the chassis, all protection covers and bearings are made from stainless steel and the machine is IP65 rated.
– No external lubrication is required.
– Colour touch-screen with error diagnostic function. It can also display the electric and pneumatic schemes and some basic instructions.
– Changeover with quick release
– Other options include shape cutting, printed top web, coding units, in-line printing and labelling systems, in-line dosing/filling systems.



The Formpack F1 model is an in-line thermoforming machine with an innovative design, completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum with IP 65 protection class. The Formpack F1 is suitable for medium productions.

This model, thanks to high versatility, can be applied in food, industrial and medical field.

• The machine can work with both flexible and rigid materials.

• The Formpack F1 is available in two versions: N for sealing only and VG for vacuum packaging, vacuum/ gas and skinpackaging.

• The machine can be completely washed down and operated damp environments.

• The changeover is quick and easy.

• The supplied brushless motor enables high precision and speed.

• This machine can be customized with several options such as Print Registration, coding units, dosing systems, slicers, in-line flexographic printer, as well as obtain the “Europe hole“.