The EASYFORM model is a very compact in line thermoforming machine. Only 3 meter long, this machine features at best the principles of a new technology conceived to meet the different requirements of customers in industrial, food and medical sectors. Its features are the following:

• Versatility: the machine can thermoform both flexible and rigid material. It is available in two versions: Easyform N for sealing only and Easyform VG for vacuum packaging and vacuum/gas packaging.
• Friendly use: it is suitable for different productions thanks to the very easy size change. It is the ideal also for customer at their first packaging experience.
• Standard configuration : it is possible to choose a wide combination of sizes available in stock, thus reducing the delivery term at competitive prices.
• Hygiene: completely constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum with IP 65 protection class it can be easily washed and be placed in very humid and aggressive working environment.

• Custom tailored: a wide range of options makes the machine suitable for different working requirements.