Tray Sealer Archive

FP 400

Tray Sealer FP_400Description

The model 400 is suitable for sealing different kinds of trays ( plastic, aluminum, coupled cardboard) by means of heatsealable/compatible film coming from a reel or pre cut lids. The feeding of trays to the sealing area and the consequent ejection of the same area manually performed (by means of a tray carrier), while the film unwinding/rewinding and sealing/cutting are automatically performed.

It is also possible to obtain the vacuum sealed packaging by means of the Vacuum/Gas kit.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum and is perfectly suitable for working in wet environments.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy and quick.

This model is able to carry out about 500 cycles/hour by working without vacuum/gas facilities. The usable sealing area is 350×270 mm and it is possible to use moulds of up 2 impressions , that increase the output.

Adjusting the machine to another tray size is easy and quick.


Tray Sealer FP_SPEEDY2Description

The FOODPACK SPEEDY DUE is an in-line machine whose structural principles meet the hygienic and safety requirements of the standards in force.
Thanks to the materials used for its manufacturing, the FP SPEEDY DUE machine is suitable for working in wet and/or aggressive environments. All the electric connections have got IP 65 class protection.
The feeding conveyor has got 5 free steps where it is possible to place denesting systems, fillers and other options.

Available options:

• Automatic tray destacking unit;

• Several coding systems for the expiry/production date;

• Printed top web system for the right placement of the printed film on the tray;

• Dosing systems;

• Automatic snap-on lids device;

• Moulds and modification kit in order to work 3 or 4 trays per cycle;

• Motorized ejection conveyor.

FP 1403

Tray Sealer FP_1403Description

The FOODPACK 1403 is a completely automatic tray sealer designed for high productions.
The mechanical movement of this model results in a very high working precision.
Because of the wide sealing area the FP 1403 is equipped with an air/oil booster which gives off a pressure of 7 tons to grant a perfect sealing.
The machine is available in two versions: for sealing only and for vacuum packaging or vacuum / gas packaging.
The machine is primarily constructed in stainless steel and has IP 65 class protection making the 1403 the ideal machine to work in aggressive environments, such as dairy products or sauce and brine packaging.
Complete access to the machine is easily gained through the front and rear doors of the machine, that can be easily lifted by a vertical moving.
Cleaning and maintenance operations become very easy and quick.
The tooling changeover is both efficient and quick, thanks to a simple mechanical system.
The new film unwind system allows for high precision in normal working and precise placement when working with pre-printed materials.
The PLC can store up to 30 working programs that are easily uploaded onto the display screen.
The machine can be customized with several options such as printed top web, snap on lids, coding stations, de-nesting and filling systems.