FP 400

Tray Sealer FP_400Description

The model 400 is suitable for sealing different kinds of trays ( plastic, aluminum, coupled cardboard) by means of heatsealable/compatible film coming from a reel or pre cut lids. The feeding of trays to the sealing area and the consequent ejection of the same area manually performed (by means of a tray carrier), while the film unwinding/rewinding and sealing/cutting are automatically performed.

It is also possible to obtain the vacuum sealed packaging by means of the Vacuum/Gas kit.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum and is perfectly suitable for working in wet environments.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy and quick.

This model is able to carry out about 500 cycles/hour by working without vacuum/gas facilities. The usable sealing area is 350×270 mm and it is possible to use moulds of up 2 impressions , that increase the output.

Adjusting the machine to another tray size is easy and quick.