Capptronic Cookie LinesThis machine model CAPPTRONIC allows to produce sandwich cookies and spot deposited biscuits directly in line with the baking oven, thus eliminating complex and costly traditionally used stacking systems.

The design engineering of the CAPPTRONIC machine derives from the need to propose a complete production system for sandwich biscuits, dosable by lobe depositors (eg. model DFV).

The machine is made up of a conveyor to align the biscuits coming from a tunnel oven and of a conveyor on which the operations for overturning, depositing and capping the biscuit rows occur.

The depositing assembly consists of a manifold depositor which can be heated to deposit creams at controlled temperature. Capping takes place by suction cups of the Venturi effect and provides self-cleaning at every cycle to guarantee correct running operation.

The machine control is fully electronic and brushless motors are used on all the control devices. All adjustments of the devices can be carried out when the machine is running without having to stop production. All product contact parts are easily removable for cleaning operations, whereas the main conveyor, besides providing for continuous belt washing, can be fully washed down with water jet.