Depositing machine

The depositor model DPC meets the needs of integrating the depositing process into an existing production line, thanks to the wheel-mounted frame. The volumetric cylinders are ideal for the deposit of mixes like cupcakes, cakes and muffins.

The depositor model DPC has a C-shaped frame with single side shoulder: this particular structure facilitates the inclusion of the machine into a working sequence that is actually structured, without further action on the line. The depositing concept is identical to that of other volumetric piston depositors and is described as follows: the mix fed into the hopper is aspirated by the pistons through a three-way valve. When the cylinders are filled up with the required amount, the mix is dosed by a dispenser head specific for the kind of batter used. This process guarantees very high accuracy in the dosed quantity by keeping its texture unaltered. It is possible to equip the depositing head with brushless motors to achieve high production capacity and with other optional items in accordance with the customer’s requirements.