DF Depositor

The depositor with volumetric cylinders model DF has been specifically designed to work on continuous running conveyors or on tunnel ovens. Like other piston depositors, it is especially indicated to deposit mixes like muffins, cakes and cupcakes. The depositor model DF is made up of a frame on which a head is mounted moving on slides to consent quick extraction. This feature is used to make easy head washing operations and quick change-overs in order to effectively reduce production downtime to zero. This machine is available in the versions with fixed head, with vertical movement or with both vertical and horizontal movement. If high capacity is required it is possible to drive the depositing head motion through brushless motors. The depositing accuracy is guaranteed by utilizing volumetric cylinders which can be made independent to prevent depositing if the cup is missing under a single outlet (no product – no deposit). This conveys absolute depositing control to consent avoiding accidental