Dl Injector

The perfect filling of croissants or of other pastry products is possible due to the horizontal injection machine model DI with volumetric cylinders, designed to fill with creams, jams and chocolate also under controlled temperature. The frame of the DI injection machine consists of a conveyor with inclined platens and of a horizontal moving depositing head. In the case of highly automated lines it is possible to provide an automatic product loading and unloading system so as to restrict contact by the operators to a minimum.
The conveyor platens have been designed to hold products of different sizes and therefore reduce the time for change-over. The depositing head is driven by servo-motors to control the filling amount and distribution inside the product for absolute precise deposit. As for other Comas machines with multiple cylinders, in this case it is also possible to provide the no product – no filling option: if a product is missing during injection, the corresponding cylinder will automatically shut off the deposit. In this way the conveyor will not get dirty and production will not come to a stop.