DP Injector

The COMAS injection machine model DP with volumetric cylinders is suitable to inject products such as cakes or cupcakes on indented baking trays. For fillings dosable at controlled temperature the heated version with product stirrer is available. The injection machine model DP is made up of a forward tray indexing conveyor which, by the use of chain push lugs, positions the trays in step for product filling. The vertical moving injection head can be driven by brushless motors capable of electronically controlling the complete product filling process. In this way a very high degree of accuracy is achieved, for both the depositing and distribution of the filling inside the product. The multiple cylinder injection head provides for every outlet to be fed by a single volumetric cylinder, and therefore ensuring maximum deposit accuracy.To cut down on machine cleaning times the automatic C.I.P. washing system is also available in order to wash the machine more quickly and effectively compared to the manual method.