DP Depositor 2

The depositor model DP with volumetric independent cylinders is suitable for the deposit of products on indented baking trays. It is perfect for atters like cupcakes, cakes and muffins. The baking trays are correctly positioned in steps underneath the depositing head, by means of an intermittent chain conveyor. The depositing head with multiple volumetric cylinders can be supplied with vertical movement for dense mixes and, in the case of high dosing speeds, it is possible to have the head equipped with high performance brushless motors. Every outlet is fed by a volumetric cylinder thus always ensuring maximum deposit accuracy.
A diversity of technical solutions are able to meet with the production needs, both in terms of depositing quantities as well as of production capacity, of the single customer.
This machine model, for instance, has available a dual head to deposit products of 2 colors (e.g. marble cakes) with variable percentages of the 2 mixes according to the desired final product.
To cut down on machine cleaning times the automatic C.I.P. washing system is also available in order to wash the machine more quickly and effectively compared to the manual method.