DV and DFV Cookie Lines

Designed to meet the needs of high production capacity, the cookie depositor model DV is a machine that meets numerous production requirements, thanks to its depositing system studied for several types of mixes. In fact it is possible to deposit smooth mix and wire cut biscuits of fluid, whipped or stiff dough also containing solid particles (eg. chocolate pieces).

The DV depositor is provided with a special frame to be cantilevered over a tunnel oven and allow depositing directly on the oven band for those products in need of this processlike smooth mix biscuits.

The depositing head consists of a pair of motorized rollers to feed the dough mix underneath to the volumetric pumps with independent lobes (one for every outlet), which deposit the product with accuracy across the whole working width. The feed rollers and the lobe pumps are both driven by servo-motors for maximum control over the depositing process. There are two pairs of independent servo-motors to also drive the vertical and horizontal movements of the depositing head, by drastically cutting back in this way on mechanics, making the machine perform better and facilitating installation over an existing oven.