DV3 and DFV3 Cookie Lines

The innovative approach by Comas finds an important confirmation in the co-extruder model DV3, designed to simultaneously deposit two different types of dough mix with fluid filling included. With this machine, suitable for high production capacity, it is possible to produce filled biscuits with 2-3 colors, fig-bars as well as traditional wire cut and smooth mix cookies.

The co-extruder model DV3 is made up of two independent depositing heads driven by servo-motors and mounted on a single frame. Each depositing head is provided with 2 motorized rollers to feed the dough mix underneath to a pump assembly with individual lobes (one pump for every outlet). The pumps dose the mix with excellent accuracy across the whole working width. They are also easily interchangeable according to the requested number of outlets.

This versatile machine has been designed to deposit several types of fluid, whipped or thick mixes, also containing solid particles like nut pieces, chocolate ecc.

The deposit can occur directly on the oven band thanks to a special frame, or over a belt conveyor appropriately pre-arranged when depositing on trays or for special products that require further processing prior to baking (eg. cookies with decorations or with icing).

All the functions are PLC controlled with storing of the working data relating to the individual product into a specific program and easily accessed by the operator.

Thanks to careful engineering, this machine has been studied to reduce time to a minimum when removing the depositing heads from the frame and to facilitate cleaning operations. All electrics, in fact, remain anchored to the frame so that the heads can be washed down with water jet in a separate environment. All the components on the depositing heads can be easily removed for thorough cleaning.

The co-extruder model DV3 can be equipped with several accessories among which the biscuit wire cutter, the vertical or horizontal guillotine for fig-bars, press or decorating rollers for filled biscuits and other applications.