LTH Dessert Lines

The most common requirement of COMAS’ customers is to produce several kinds of cakes made up of sponge layers and of different fillings. This is the feature of the cake lines model LTH, designed to guarantee wide versatility in the production of fresh, frozen or baked layer cakes.

The DESSERT lines model LTH are made up of a conveyor with adjustable belts that adapt themselves to the various cake sizes and on which the working processes run in succession. The sponge base is placed by hand on the infeed side of the line and fed underneath the syrup and cream or jam depositing units. After placing the sponge base that follows, the first layer is pressed down and finished, this process occurs for the other layers as well. The line can be supplied with units to apply granular products like granules of hazelnut or almond, and to coat with icing or chocolate. It is possible to produce cakes of different sizes on the same line too (round, rectangular or other shapes), by quick change-over operations. All the parts in direct contact with the product are easily removable and the complete conveyor can be washed down with water jet, therefore making the cleaning operations quite simple.

In the case of lines with high production capacity, it is possible to provide automatic sponge base loading systems and equip the filling depositors with automatic feeding pumps so that the line will become automated as much as possible.