Pop M205 Popcorn Cooker-Coater systemPutting quality into the entire process is our ultimate goal at A.C. Horn & Co. Making perfect caramel corn is the goal for the Perfection Series Cooker/Coaters. These precision built machines are engineered to give you decades of superior performance and durability. Caramel Corn, Peanut Brittle and other caramel coated products can be manufactured at capacities ranging from 300 lbs/hour to 1,000 lbs/hour. Optional features can be purchased to produce Kettle Corn at capacities of 400 to 1000 lbs/hr. Program design features and operating simplicity have made this machine the one chosen worldwide by leaders in the snack food industry. The Perfection Series Cooker/Coaters are extremely accurate and easy to operate, giving you the ability to precisely control all your manufacturing variables to obtain the best product.