Nut Butter MillsThis highly versatile, single-disk attrition mill can be used in all kinds of production and laboratory applications of both industrial and food products. Painstakingly made to exacting tolerances, this 8-inch mill can pulverize, grind, granulate, comminute, crack, fluff and texturize a wide variety of items with a precision unmatched by other mills. The legendary Bauer 148 Mill has long been recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the preparation of cottonseed samples (this sampling requires Bauer Plate No. 8503 and a mill speed of 3600 RPM). This mill is also endorsed by the American Oil Chemist Society and is widely used by its members. Its dependable performance makes it the mill of choice for a wide number of agricultural experimental stations, university laboratories and industrial research and production departments. It also gives superior performance as a production machine as well, producing 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of smooth, easy-to-spread peanut butter, perfectly blending stabilizer, salt, dextrose, etc., to produce a mix of creamy smooth consistency.