Handing Spiral ChuteDecrease your broken product and improve your product appearance! Sound impossible? Not with A.C. Horn & Company’s Winchester Smooth-Flo Chute. The unique design of the patented Winchester Smooth-flow Chute has useful applications anywhere gentle product handling is required and space is limited. Originally developed to over-come problems inherent in standard commercial spiral chutes, its simple and sanitary design make it the “product of choice” in difficult environments, including the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Other spirals may look the same but under close examination there are significant differences. The Winchester Smooth-Flo Chute, manufactured exclusively by A.C. Horn & Co., has no cross seams or ridges to impede the flow of the product. The constant velocity design ensures that the product acceleration is controlled, virtually eliminating product degradation at decline and transfer. Our spirals are designed for first in first out product flow, ensuring a high quality appearance and maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Spiral Chutes are custom designed to your dimensional targets, unique product flow characteristics and/or special process requirements.