Nut Processing Machines Archive


Nut Butter MillsThis highly versatile, single-disk attrition mill can be used in all kinds of production and laboratory applications of both industrial and food products. Painstakingly made to exacting tolerances, this 8-inch mill can pulverize, grind, granulate, comminute, crack, fluff and texturize a wide variety of items with a precision unmatched by other mills. The legendary Bauer 148 Mill has long been recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the preparation of cottonseed samples (this sampling requires Bauer Plate No. 8503 and a mill speed of 3600 RPM). This mill is also endorsed by the American Oil Chemist Society and is widely used by its members. Its dependable performance makes it the mill of choice for a wide number of agricultural experimental stations, university laboratories and industrial research and production departments. It also gives superior performance as a production machine as well, producing 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of smooth, easy-to-spread peanut butter, perfectly blending stabilizer, salt, dextrose, etc., to produce a mix of creamy smooth consistency.


Nut GranulatorsOur Granulator is the only machine that is exclusively engineered to granulate nuts- all types of them. Instead of crushing the product as other multipurpose machines do, it is uniquely designed to comminute nuts into defined, sharp-edged granules with minimum production of fines. The granulator is flexible; you can choose from eight knife spacings ranging between 1/16″ to 1/4″. It’s efficient and it’s clean, with most contact parts made of stainless steel. It is available in three models: Capacities from 600 to 2,400 pounds per hour.


Nut Whole Nut BlancherWe confidently guarantee our larger-capacity whole nut blancher makes a better-looking nut than any other blancher in existence. Unlike blanchers which use abrasive rolls, our patented Model 346-C uses rubber elements to produce the highest quality, best-looking nuts with the least amount of shrinkage – no scratches anywhere. And true to its name, it gently blanches 2000 pounds per hour of peanuts for snack foods, confectionery candy and similar products.


Nut Split Nut BlanchersFor the highest quality in blanched peanuts, choose the blanchers that are No. 1 in the world: A.C. Horn & Co.’s 341-B Split Nut Blancher or the VB-5000 Split Nut Blancher. They remove the skins & hearts from dried or fully roaster peanuts for the smoothes, cleanest nuts possible – absolutely no traces of worn edges anywhere. You can choose between up to 2,000 pounds per hour or 5,000 lbs per hour of roasted or dried peanuts. The product can be blanched free of meal & with less shrinkage than any other blancher on the market. Operation is simple & reliable. The blanchers first split the nuts & remove the skins; the hearts are then removed from the halves. Screening separated the halves from the hearts, and aspiration totally removes the skins from the process. Dependable features like a trouble-free adjustable feed hopper & a dual-aspiration system allow you to process nuts for peanut butter, candy and similar products with maximum efficiency.




Nut Continuous Nut RoastersTelford Turbo-Flo Roaster

Putting quality into the entire process is exactly what we’ve done with our new Telford Turbo-Flo Roaster. Designed to meet virtually every roasting and drying need, A.C Horn & Company has used state of the art processing technology to ensure even, consistent roasting and drying. This results in ton after ton of consistent product. The Telford Turbo-Flo also provides maximum fuel efficiency with the lowest possible operating cost. These ovens are chosen by food processors throughout the world when roasting or drying peanuts, almonds, filberts, sunflower seeds or other similar materials.



Nut Batch RoastersThe Ray-o-matic and Radiant-Ray Roasters are the top choice for a company seeking a low-cost, high-quality roaster . These roasters assure uniform roasting with maximum flavor development. You will get the best-looking, best-tasting nuts – in your choice of 2,000 pounds per hour or 1,000 lbs/hr, fully automatic Ray-o-matic or manual Radiant-Ray models. Uniform color penetration, fast heat transfer, minimal fuel usage & precision roasting in a continuous, automatic operating cycle make our roaster an excellent choice for nut processors to provide a high quality product to their customers. The Ray-o-matic or Radiant-Ray Roasters are factory pre-wired and program-tested for immediate, trouble-free operation. And since coolers are necessary in most applications, we offer a variety of models to meet your processing and plant lay-out requirements. These machines are the top choice in the industry for fully roasting or drying peanuts, almonds, pistachios, Japanese peanuts, sesame, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, and other similar types of nuts, seeds and grains, shelled and/or unshelled.