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Dl Injector

The perfect filling of croissants or of other pastry products is possible due to the horizontal injection machine model DI with volumetric cylinders, designed to fill with creams, jams and chocolate also under controlled temperature. The frame of the DI injection machine consists of a conveyor with inclined platens and of a horizontal moving depositing head. In the case of highly automated lines it is possible to provide an automatic product loading and unloading system so as to restrict contact by the operators to a minimum.
The conveyor platens have been designed to hold products of different sizes and therefore reduce the time for change-over. The depositing head is driven by servo-motors to control the filling amount and distribution inside the product for absolute precise deposit. As for other Comas machines with multiple cylinders, in this case it is also possible to provide the no product – no filling option: if a product is missing during injection, the corresponding cylinder will automatically shut off the deposit. In this way the conveyor will not get dirty and production will not come to a stop.




DT Injector

The COMAS vertical injection machine model DT is a machine specific for the filling of loose products, made possible due to a special conveyor with indented platens. Products like croissants, cream puffs or choux buns can be filled. The frame of the DT injection machine consists of an intermittent conveyor on which interchangeable platens are fitted and shapedto the product to fill. These platens can be easily removed to allow normal cleaning operations besides quick change-overs. The head with volumetric cylinders ensures reliability and accuracy in the injection of products. The possibility to combine automatic product loading systems is bound to the shape of the product required to be injected and this technology takes place without damaging the product and ensures correct positioning inside the indentation. For fillings dosable under controlled temperature the heated hopper version is foreseen.


DF Injector

Designed to wok on existing continuous running conveyors, the multiple cylinder injection machine model DF is mainly used to fill loose products coming from a tunnel or cooling spiral. The injection machine model DF is available in the versions with fixed head, or with vertical and horizontal movement. It is fitted on slides to consent quick extraction from the support frame and ease washing operations. This feature can also be used for quick change-overs to reduce production downtime to a minimum. In the case of high production capacity, it is possible to drive the depositing head motion through servo-motors. The depositing accuray is guaranteed by utilizing volumetric cylinders that can be made independent so as not to inject if the product is missing (no product – no deposit). For fillings dosable under controlled temperature, it is possible to supply the machine with a heated hopper and stirrer.


DP Injector

The COMAS injection machine model DP with volumetric cylinders is suitable to inject products such as cakes or cupcakes on indented baking trays. For fillings dosable at controlled temperature the heated version with product stirrer is available. The injection machine model DP is made up of a forward tray indexing conveyor which, by the use of chain push lugs, positions the trays in step for product filling. The vertical moving injection head can be driven by brushless motors capable of electronically controlling the complete product filling process. In this way a very high degree of accuracy is achieved, for both the depositing and distribution of the filling inside the product. The multiple cylinder injection head provides for every outlet to be fed by a single volumetric cylinder, and therefore ensuring maximum deposit accuracy.To cut down on machine cleaning times the automatic C.I.P. washing system is also available in order to wash the machine more quickly and effectively compared to the manual method.


DPC Injector

The depositor model DPC meets the needs of integrating the depositing process into an existing production line, thanks to the wheel-mounted frame. The volumetric cylinders are ideal for the deposit of mixes like cupcakes, cakes and muffins. The depositor model DPC has a C-shaped frame with single side shoulder: this particular structure facilitates the inclusion of the machine into a working sequence that is actually structured, without further action on the line. The depositing concept is identical to that of other volumetric piston depositors and is described as follows: the mix fed into the hopper is aspirated by the pistons through a three-way valve. When the cylinders are filled up with the required amount, the mix is dosed by a dispenser head specific for the kind of batter used. This process guarantees very high accuracy in the dosed quantity by keeping its texture unaltered. It is possible to equip the depositing head with brushless motors to achieve high production capacity and with other optional items in accordance with the customer’s requirements.