Cream cookerStainless steel bowl with jacket and mixing tool. the jacket between the tanks is filled with termal oil to ensure that the cream does not burn or stick to the inside surface of the cooker (cooking by bain-marie). cooking is fast and homogeneous thanks to a large burner (supplied with a universal nozzle for all types of gas), while temperature is controlled by a thermometer. otherwise cooking may  be carried out by armoured electric resistances (made in stainless steel) with variable power which is regulated by a telethermostat.

An acoustic alarm (timer with buzzer) warns the operator when the cooking time is over the cream can be removed easily thanks to a special lever with which the tank can be turned over there is also a protection grid to prevent accidents our cream cooker has been designed for the preparation of all kinds of hot creams, egg-flips, melted chocolate, for blending ice-cream as well as for various mixes for food products (“risotto” “polenta”, béchamel, etc.) thanks to its functional features it has proved to be an indispensable instrument in modern confectioners’ workshops, ice-cream workshop and large kitchens on request machine all made in stainless steel.