DRB Breads

The volumetric depositor-extruder model DRB, specifically designed to deposit rye bread, is capable of accurately depositing a wide range of products with viscous mixes and difficult to handle like flapjacks, fruitcakes and gluten free bread.

The depositor model DRB is made up of an intermittent running conveyor for baking moulds and of a head with hopper, and teflonized chute for dough feeding.

It can have a double wall for mix cooling or heating and a motorized scraper. A guillotine system with interchangeable die-plates are used for dough portioning. The machine functions are easily programmable, thanks to a touch-screen panel very simple to use. For optimal cleaning in short time, all the product contact parts, that can be easily inspectioned and stripped down, have been limited to a minimum number in the course of design engineering.