Minitart Pies linesThe Minitart machine results from the need of the customer to have a compact machine for tarts and pies, running at a higher production capacity than the Tartomatic machine.

This machine is made up of a chain conveyor, driven by a servo-motor, to ensure absolute precision during the tray positioning stage. The conveyor is fitted with a volumetric extruder and blocking system. The extruder deposits the dough billets into the tray indents in an accurate manner, both in terms of product positioning and weight. The blocking process of the dough billets occurs by a mechanical blocker with a pneumatic and individual compensation system for every die, in order to achieve excellent results even with difficult mixes to handle. On the end side of the line it is possible to install a depositor for creams and jams as well as a moulder for lattice tops or lids to customize products.