Perfection of a great PIE line within an extremely reduced space. The Tartomatic machine is compact and versatile for the production of tarts and pies of small and large dimensions, quiches and cheesecakes.

This machine consists of a dough billeting roller extruder, of a turntable on which the operations for foil placement and product moulding take place. This extruder guarantees high accuracy and considerable care in treating the most difficult dough mixes. The moulding system of the dough portions is hydraulic and is carried out by a blocking die. It is possible to provide the machine in line with a volumetric cream or jam depositor and with a moulder for lattice tops or lids in order to personalize the products (for instance: with the customer’s logo). The pie shape meets the needs of the customer, or it can be studied based upon Comas’ experience. In this way, a great variety of shapes and configurations, ranging from traditional (round, square and triangular) to special ones (heart, star and other shapes).