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DV and DFV Depositor

Designed to meet the needs of high production capacity, the cookie depositor model DV is a machine that meets numerous production requirements, thanks to its depositing system studied for several types of mixes. In fact it is possible to deposit smooth mix and wire cut biscuits of fluid, whipped or stiff dough also containing solid particles (eg. chocolate pieces).

The DV depositor is provided with a special frame to be cantilevered over a tunnel oven and allow depositing directly on the oven band for those products in need of this processlike smooth mix biscuits.

The depositing head consists of a pair of motorized rollers to feed the dough mix underneath to the volumetric pumps with independent lobes (one for every outlet), which deposit the product with accuracy across the whole working width. The feed rollers and the lobe pumps are both driven by servo-motors for maximum control over the depositing process. There are two pairs of independent servo-motors to also drive the vertical and horizontal movements of the depositing head, by drastically cutting back in this way on mechanics, making the machine perform better and facilitating installation over an existing oven.


DP Depositor 2

The depositor model DP with volumetric independent cylinders is suitable for the deposit of products on indented baking trays. It is perfect for atters like cupcakes, cakes and muffins. The baking trays are correctly positioned in steps underneath the depositing head, by means of an intermittent chain conveyor. The depositing head with multiple volumetric cylinders can be supplied with vertical movement for dense mixes and, in the case of high dosing speeds, it is possible to have the head equipped with high performance brushless motors. Every outlet is fed by a volumetric cylinder thus always ensuring maximum deposit accuracy.
A diversity of technical solutions are able to meet with the production needs, both in terms of depositing quantities as well as of production capacity, of the single customer.
This machine model, for instance, has available a dual head to deposit products of 2 colors (e.g. marble cakes) with variable percentages of the 2 mixes according to the desired final product.
To cut down on machine cleaning times the automatic C.I.P. washing system is also available in order to wash the machine more quickly and effectively compared to the manual method.


DN Depositor

First machine designed in 1972, the volumetric depositor model DN was the starting point for the development of COMAS piston depositors. This machine, extremely simple to operate, reliable and accurate in depositing, is used to dose delicate batter mixes like muffins and cakes in cups or moulds.

The DN depositor has a wheel-mounted frame to be fitted or moved along existing production lines with ease of maintenance and cleaning operations. The standard pneumatic-operated depositing head is driven by a single volumetric cylinder and can be supplied motorized upon request. This machine has available a range of accessories allowing to adapt to a wide variety of products, such as a heated hopper with stirrer for the deposit of chocolate under controlled temperature. To facilitate the machine cleaning process, all the product contact parts can be easily and quickly stripped down without tools


DLV Depositor

The lobe depositor model DLV is a compact and versatile machine, designed to cope with the ever more diverse needs of the market. It is indicated for the production of wire cut biscuits and smooth batters on trays and it can be used to deposit cakes or fillings as well.

The depositor model DLV is made up of a belt conveyor for trays and of a vertical moving head. The depositing system with feed rollers and individual lobe pumps ILPS (Individual Lobe Pump System) makes it possible for the machine to accurately deposit a wide range of fluid, dense and whipped mixes, also containing small solid particles (eg. pieces of nuts, chocolate).

All the machine functions are PLC controlled and the working parameters relating to every product are easily programmable by the operator on an interface panel provided and storable for quick retrieval. The DLV depositor complies with the current standards of sanitation and security: the hopper, feed rollers, lobe pumps and nozzles can be easily stripped down to consent thorough cleaning while the main structure can be washed down with water jet; all the moving parts have protection guards in stainless steel with safety switches.


DF Depositor

The depositor with volumetric cylinders model DF has been specifically designed to work on continuous running conveyors or on tunnel ovens. Like other piston depositors, it is especially indicated to deposit mixes like muffins, cakes and cupcakes. The depositor model DF is made up of a frame on which a head is mounted moving on slides to consent quick extraction. This feature is used to make easy head washing operations and quick change-overs in order to effectively reduce production downtime to zero. This machine is available in the versions with fixed head, with vertical movement or with both vertical and horizontal movement. If high capacity is required it is possible to drive the depositing head motion through brushless motors. The depositing accuracy is guaranteed by utilizing volumetric cylinders which can be made independent to prevent depositing if the cup is missing under a single outlet (no product – no deposit). This conveys absolute depositing control to consent avoiding accidental


Depositing machine

The depositor model DPC meets the needs of integrating the depositing process into an existing production line, thanks to the wheel-mounted frame. The volumetric cylinders are ideal for the deposit of mixes like cupcakes, cakes and muffins.

The depositor model DPC has a C-shaped frame with single side shoulder: this particular structure facilitates the inclusion of the machine into a working sequence that is actually structured, without further action on the line. The depositing concept is identical to that of other volumetric piston depositors and is described as follows: the mix fed into the hopper is aspirated by the pistons through a three-way valve. When the cylinders are filled up with the required amount, the mix is dosed by a dispenser head specific for the kind of batter used. This process guarantees very high accuracy in the dosed quantity by keeping its texture unaltered. It is possible to equip the depositing head with brushless motors to achieve high production capacity and with other optional items in accordance with the customer’s requirements.