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Oven electricThe electric oven “Power System” of Mac.Pan derives from the technological researches and concrete experiences in the bakeries and it is noted for the numerous standard functions: vapour production independent for each chamber, vapour sucking on the whole baking surface, start hour programmer, balanced feeding; complete opening of the small doors; control devices placed on the right or the left side on choice; double lighting of the chambers; control of the electric consumption by means of the power system.

Thanks to the thermic independent chambers and the armoured resistances of high quality Incoloy this oven guarantees an homogeneus baking. The use of electronic energy savers allows an balanced energy distribution for each baking chamber. The simple use and maintenance give to this oven a higer quality.


Oven ConventionelElectric or gas convection oven with mechanical or digital controls, internal and external construction in stainless steel of the highest quality, equipped with a rounded chamber to facilitate cleaning, door in tempered crystal with sealing gasket in siliconized rubber, electric heating with burner in stainless steel.

The oven is also equipped with two fans that rotate in both directions; baking is optimized thanks to the perfect heating system and the possibility of inserting steam as needed. The capacity is for either 5, 10 or 16 trays measuring 40×60 or 45×65 depending on the model.

Version with programmable computer (80 programs) on request.  Line BRio inoX comprises convection ovens with and without humidifier. Ideals for the baking of all the types of brioches, pizzette, cakes and dept freeze or precooked bread.  They are therefore indispensable for bar, snack-bar, paninoteche, pizzerie, and self-service.

ROTOR OVEN MODEL PHANTON (electric, gas, diesel)

Phanton ovenThe PHANTON models from ROTOR ovens are the optimum result of long experience developed by MAC.PAN together with state-of-the-art technical solutions. They can be powered by liquid or gas fuel and they can also be heated by means of armoured electrical elements on request. Our ROTOR ovens are manufactured with first-rate materials which guarantee particular sturdiness and high thermal elasticity, and they can hold baking trays from 40×60 to 80×120 (see table with data). The heat exchanger, manufactured with special refractory heat-resistant steel, has been created to obtain high operating performance and therefore maximum efficiency with minimum consumption.

All the equipment which provides air circulation anda carriage movement is located in the upper part of the oven so that it is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning. The TWO steamers, which are a special feature of our ROTOR ovens, have a large surface and are controlled by an automatic delivery system which can be set from 0 to 60 seconds by means of a timer on the main external panel. Both the external surfaces of the PHANTON and ROTANT ovens, as well as the internal walls of the baking chamber, are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The control panel, the electric board and the whole installation are manufactued using high-quality components from leading manufacturing companies, in conformity with EEC standards. The perimeter walls made of prevarnished galvanised sheet (stainless steel on request) can be easily disassembled and are insulated with thick rock wool.


Cream cookerStainless steel bowl with jacket and mixing tool. the jacket between the tanks is filled with termal oil to ensure that the cream does not burn or stick to the inside surface of the cooker (cooking by bain-marie). cooking is fast and homogeneous thanks to a large burner (supplied with a universal nozzle for all types of gas), while temperature is controlled by a thermometer. otherwise cooking may  be carried out by armoured electric resistances (made in stainless steel) with variable power which is regulated by a telethermostat.

An acoustic alarm (timer with buzzer) warns the operator when the cooking time is over the cream can be removed easily thanks to a special lever with which the tank can be turned over there is also a protection grid to prevent accidents our cream cooker has been designed for the preparation of all kinds of hot creams, egg-flips, melted chocolate, for blending ice-cream as well as for various mixes for food products (“risotto” “polenta”, béchamel, etc.) thanks to its functional features it has proved to be an indispensable instrument in modern confectioners’ workshops, ice-cream workshop and large kitchens on request machine all made in stainless steel.


Dosing Serie MDDosing and injecting machine for costant filling of cream, jam, sauce ect.. in

handlcraft products such as cannoli, croissant, cream, puffs, krapfen and so on.

Stainless steel structure with funnel loading hopper of 15 litres.the models MDe/cioc and MDSe/cioc can be also used to fill nutella and ciocolate. on request machine can be

equipped with heated hopper.


Croissant machineThese machines has been designed to roll any kind of croissants without spoiling dough. FcB table top version: it can Handle dough from 3 to 5 mm thickness. Loading and unloading at the front side, that means 800 pieces/hour with one operator.

Completely in stainless steel. Fcc with trolley: a special rolling system and the possibility to adjust the stainless steel cylinder allow to handle dough between 2 and 7 mm thick, as well as minicroissants.

Front loading and back unloading of the rolled pieces on a baking-tin. output per hour ca. 800 pieces. completely in stainless steel. Recommended for coupling with puff-paste making machine, with triangle cutting unit.


MBAThe long loaf forming machine model MBA is a machine to form long loafs, baguettes, small loaf and other types of bread up to a max. lenght of 70 cm.

It is generally mounted on an aluminium frame with castors, but it can also be put on the working bench. The working of the dough is soft and progressive, the adjustment of the rolling and extencion up to 700 mm. is driven through levers. The dough is loaded on a inclined hopper equipped with safety device to protect the operator in case of wrong operation. The dough is unloaded on a folding conveyer.

All the pulling cylinders and all the rotating parts are monted on airtight ball bearing. The two rolling cylinders are covered with non-toxic plastic material for food, two covers allow an easy access to all the parts of the machine for a good control and cleaning.


Conical rounder MPCThis machine, which is the result of the most advanced techniques, is suitable for processing any kind of dough.

The passage between the grooves and a rotating cone is made gently, giving evenly rounded loaves, which can be used either as the finished product or processed again to get different shapes.

This unit is especially suited to be combined with automatic dividing machines,owing to a special dough drying system which prevents the dough from sticking.


Water CoolerThe water chillers MR inox cool water quickly thanks to accurate design that uses a good relationship between the power of the refrigeration unit and the tank containing the water.

The use of an external pump circulates the water thus preventing the formation of ice, the tank water temperature is also digitally controlled, the chilled water output speed is regulated by automatic pumps with variable flow rate and sizes available.

Product quality is assured by the use of raw materials derived exclusively from italy, certified for food use and in compliance with strict regulations. The tank, evaporator and external panels are in stainless steel. Eco friendly gas R 404 A is used in the refrigeration unit.