• Model: FRD – 1000 LW

  • Sealing direction: Left to Right

  • Voltage: 120 V/ 60 Hz/ 1 ph – 600 Watts

  • Sealing speed: 0-13 m / min

  • Sealing width: 6 – 15 mm

  • Sealing film thickness: 0.02 – 0.08 mm

  • Printing letters: 2 lines – 30 letters

  • Requested price:  6 500 $

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    • Model: FRD – 1000 LW

    • Sealing direction: Right to Left

    • Voltage: 120 V/ 60 Hz/ 1 ph – 600 Watts

    • Sealing speed: 0-13 m / min

    • Sealing width: 6 – 15 mm

    • Sealing film thickness: 0.02 – 0.08 mm

    • Printing letters: 2 lines – 30 letters

    • Requested price:  6 500 $

    • Specify Your Needs and we will

      Make an Offer by calling 514 919-5295


Vertical granuleThe DXDK320 multi-lane packaging machine for granule is applicable for all kinds of granules, like washing powder, rice, etc.

Main Features

A. The equipment supports four-side sealing, as well as high speed and multi-lane packing. It offers high working efficiency.
B. It is fully automatic due to the design of PLC programmable control system.
C. Due to the stepless frequency changer for packaging speed adjustment, the granule packing machine offers more reliable and convenient operation.
D. The photoelectric tracking system is adopted to make sure the printed patterns on both sides of the packaging bag are complete. The automatic counting function makes counting precision.
E. The machine has automatic batch number printing function, and supports creating of easy-tear notch in longitudinal or transverse direction.

Technical Specifications: Model DXDK320

Cutting speed: 30-60/min.
Packing speed: 120-360bgs/min
Applicable film: Aluminum plastic composite film/ Aluminized film
Measuring range: 1-20 g/bag
Bag length: 30-120mm
Bag width: 50-150mm
Max. number of longitudinal lanes: 8
Power: 3.5kw
Package size: 1270mm×1070mm×1720mm(L×W×H)
G.W.: 1000kg


Vertical Packaging 1Solid Packing Machine, Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine, RZ-400/500/900/1050

RezPack provides an extensive line of vertical packaging machine. The following information is about solid packing machine and large solid packing machine. The two kinds of vertical form fill seal machine, or vertical packaging machine, share applications and a list of features, specified as follows.

The solid packing machine and large solid packing machine are suitable for all kinds of grains and solids, like candies, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits, and more.

Main Features
A. RezPack solid packing machine and large solid packing machine provide low cost high gain, high speed and efficiency.
B. Both of the vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines come with famous brand PLC control system and large touch screen, and are thus easy to operate.
C. The vertical packaging machine makes use of film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor.
D. The solid packing machine and large solid packing machine minimize the loss, by use of auto alarm design.
E. Equipped with feeding and measuring devices, the vertical form fill seal machine accomplishes feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting, and finished product delivery, in a continuous flow.
F. As to the way of bag making, the VFFS machine can make pillow type bags and standup bags as per customer needs.

Main Specifications of Solid Packing Machine

Machine name: Solid Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
Model RZ-1050
Capacity: Max. 30bags/min
Bag size: Width: 300-500mm
Length: 100-800mm
Max. film width: Max. 1050mm
Film thickness: 0.06-0.12mm
Power source: 6KW 220V 50HZ
Air consumption:  0.8Mpa 0.25m3/min
Dimension: L2250×W1800×H2400
Weight: 1000kg


Pillow Vegetable 1Main Features
A. RezPack vegetable packaging machine, specially designed for packing vegetable and flowers, can pack 1 pc or more pieces of vegetables and flowers.
B. With computer screen, the packaging machine is easy to operate.
C. The vegetable packaging machine makes use of safety device to avoid cutting the products.
D. The packing machine offers horizontal seal, which accomplishes single side sealing or both sides sealing independently.

Accessory Equipment
The vegetable packaging machine can be installed with such accessory equipment as date printer and knuckle device.

Main Specifications

Machine name: Vegetable Packaging Machine
Max. capacity: 20 pcs/min
Max. packing film width: 620 mm
Max. packing film diameter: 350mm
Max. packing bag length: 1000mm
Max. packing bag width: 280mm
Packing film thickness: 0.02-0.06mm
Power supply: 220V 50Hz / 3Kw
Overall size: L*W*H 2250mm*900mm*1900mm
Gross weight: 400kg


Pillow 1

Main Features

A. The multifunction packaging machine comes with automatic microcomputer control, and automatically displays length, quantity, and error, etc.
B. Easy operation and high efficiency.
C. The pillow type packaging machine provides high precision, perfect seal and high stability.

Accessory Equipment

The pillow type multifunction packaging machine can be installed such auxiliary equipment as auto-feeding device, date printer and auto gas charger.

Main Specifications

Machine name Pillow Type Multifunction Packaging Machine
Production capacity: 30-140(one cutting knife) 80-290(double) 80-290(three)
Packing shape: Square, rectangle, circular, ellipse and flake etc.
Packing range: The length of the bags 170-400mm 80-300mm 60-100mm
Width (mm): 35-100mm
Height (mm): 20-80mm 3-40mm 2-30mm
Max. width of film: 300mm
Max. diameter of film: Ф350mm
Gross power: 3kw
Power supply: 220v 50-60HZ
Gross weight: 900kg
Overall dimensions (mm): 4700*850*1550


Single cupApplications
The rotary cup filling and sealing machine is specially offered for packaging liquid with pre-made plastic cup, paper cup, and paper-plastic cup, singly. The rotary stepping type filling and sealing equipment is suitable for packing liquid or semi-viscous material, for example, yoghourt, milk beverage, soya-bean milk, fruit juice, jelly, ice cream, seasoning, and everyday chemical.

1. The rotary cup filling and sealing machine employs premade film for cup sealing.

2. It is capable of completing the production process automatically, including cup feeding, filling, single film placing, sealing, cup unloading, and cup conveying. In addition, this liquid packaging machinery can be produced with optional functions such as filling of a second type of material, code printing, cap placing, and cap pressing.

3. Our standard cup filling machine is an ideal choice for filling volume from 10 to 250ml. The particularly designed liquid filling system, as well as the CIP cleaning device, makes the rotary cup filling and sealing machine suitable for the users with higher requirement on sanitary conditions of the production equipment.

4. Customized particle and powder material filling system is available from us. Apart from normal temperature liquid filling, we are in the position to manufacture the product with the filling system for hot liquid, as well.

5. Applicable for single cup filling and sealing, the rotary liquid filling equipment is characterized by first class quality and high precision liquid filling. In addition, this rotary cup filling and sealing machine is quite popular because of its easy operation, convenient maintenance, high precision, and simple machine regulation.
Technical Parameters

Model SKB-R
Production Speed: 15-50 cups/min
Power: 1.5kW
Pressure: 0.5-0.6MPa
Air Consumption: 0.4m³/min
Filling: Volume 10-250ml
Voltage/Frequency: 380V 50/60Hz
Machine Weight: 250kg


Horizontal formThe horizontal form fill and seal machine for plastic cups is well received by the manufacturer of yogurt, milk, beverage, cream, cheese, seasoning, ice cream, etc.

Machine Construction
1. Drive and traction system
The drive and traction system includes servo motor, reduction box, linear stepping system, transmission chain, positioning device, etc.

2. Automatic preheating system
The preheating is controlled by the pneumatic actuator. The newly developed preheating system for the horizontal form fill and seal machine is composed of guiding unit, heating unit, and preheating panel.

3. Molding system
Our molding system contains mould, film stretching device, air blowing device, cooling system, and more.

4. Filling system
The filling system with metering device for the plastic cup filling and sealing machine includes silo, liquid level controller, two-way pneumatic valve, and pneumatically operated piston for fixed volume liquid filling. Equipped with special system for paste, the horizontal form fill and seal machine eliminates material leakage, effectively. A CIP cleaning device is available.

5. Film rolling and laminating system
The film rolling and laminating system is composed of film feeding unit and waste collecting device. The film feeding unit contains film reel placing device, film reel pulling and controlling device, photoelectric label inspection apparatus, and film guide roller.

6. Sealing system
Apart from heating and constant temperature control device, the sealing system also includes temperature sensor, rack, cup holding device, heat sealing plate, sealing head, and pneumatic sealing execution unit. The special sealing device supports sealing requirement for hot liquid filling.

7. Cooling device of horizontal form fill and seal machine
The cooling device for the liquid packaging equipment depends on the conditions of the liquid or paste.

8. Punching device
The punching device is made up of the punching mould, fold pressing knife, mold assembly device, gear motor, etc.

9. Electrical control system
For high safety, the electrical control system is installed with PLC system, power supply circuit, electric protection device, failure warning unit, and emergency shutdown system.

10. Pneumatic system
The pneumatic system of the horizontal form fill and seal machine is constructed with filter, reducing valve, lubricator, electrically controlled reversing valve, air pressure protection switch, gas circuit, and connector. In addition, the organic glass screen is optional for high safety and hygiene.

11. Others
The rack, which is covered by stainless steel plate, is made of stainless steel profiles. In addition to the aluminum alloy mould, the moving die for sealing purpose is made of aluminium alloy, as well. The die surface is coated with PTFE to eliminate film sticking. Other assembly component for the horizontal form fill and seal machine is produced from stainless steel or other material conforming to sanitary requirement for foodstuff.
Technical Parameters

Model: SKB-12L
Production Capacity: 80-120 cups/min
Sealing Film Type: Film reel
Sealing Film Material: Plastic composite material, plastic aluminium composite material, etc.
Power: 35kW
Air Pressure: 0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consumption: 3m³/min
Machine Weight: 3000kg

Bag Packing Machinery by Pouch Type

Pouch Doy bagAs the names suggests, the spout pouch filling and capping machine is generally used for filling and capping stand up pouch for packaging liquid, such as jelly, milk, fruit juice, seasoning, detergent, etc. The standard liquid packaging machinery is suitable for 100-500ml stand up pouch.

1. The variable frequency variable speed system is installed to regulate production rate.
2. The precise indexer helps achieve accurate turnplate positioning.
3. To reduce the labour intensity, this spout pouch filling and capping machine is engineered with automatic pouch feeding mechanism.
4. Our liquid filling and packing machine adopts special metering device to ensure accurate filling amount.
5. Liquid splashing and bubbling can be avoided by virtue of the vacuum and insert-type liquid filling.
6. This spout pouch filling machine comes with automatic adjustable cap handling and tightening device, ensuring the cap is firmly tightened up.
7. In addition to the automatic standing pouch unloading device, the pouch capping equipment is installed with organic glass screen for high safety.
8. For good durability, we produce the spout pouch filling and capping machine with stainless steel rack, electroplated pressing plate, and 304 stainless steel plate housing.
Technical Parameters

Applicable Packing Bag Size:  Width: 60-120mm, length:100-200mm
Production Capacity:  3000-5000 bags/hour
Total Power:  2kW
Power Supply:  3N-50Hz, 380V (Three phase five wire)
Machine Weight: 1800kg
Overall Dimensions: 4500×2700×2800mm
Air Consumption: 0.5m3/min
Air Pressure:  ≥0.6Mpa
Filling Capacity: 100-500ml