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DV3 and DFV3 Cookie Lines

The innovative approach by Comas finds an important confirmation in the co-extruder model DV3, designed to simultaneously deposit two different types of dough mix with fluid filling included. With this machine, suitable for high production capacity, it is possible to produce filled biscuits with 2-3 colors, fig-bars as well as traditional wire cut and smooth mix cookies.

The co-extruder model DV3 is made up of two independent depositing heads driven by servo-motors and mounted on a single frame. Each depositing head is provided with 2 motorized rollers to feed the dough mix underneath to a pump assembly with individual lobes (one pump for every outlet). The pumps dose the mix with excellent accuracy across the whole working width. They are also easily interchangeable according to the requested number of outlets.

This versatile machine has been designed to deposit several types of fluid, whipped or thick mixes, also containing solid particles like nut pieces, chocolate ecc.

The deposit can occur directly on the oven band thanks to a special frame, or over a belt conveyor appropriately pre-arranged when depositing on trays or for special products that require further processing prior to baking (eg. cookies with decorations or with icing).

All the functions are PLC controlled with storing of the working data relating to the individual product into a specific program and easily accessed by the operator.

Thanks to careful engineering, this machine has been studied to reduce time to a minimum when removing the depositing heads from the frame and to facilitate cleaning operations. All electrics, in fact, remain anchored to the frame so that the heads can be washed down with water jet in a separate environment. All the components on the depositing heads can be easily removed for thorough cleaning.

The co-extruder model DV3 can be equipped with several accessories among which the biscuit wire cutter, the vertical or horizontal guillotine for fig-bars, press or decorating rollers for filled biscuits and other applications.


DV and DFV Cookie Lines

Designed to meet the needs of high production capacity, the cookie depositor model DV is a machine that meets numerous production requirements, thanks to its depositing system studied for several types of mixes. In fact it is possible to deposit smooth mix and wire cut biscuits of fluid, whipped or stiff dough also containing solid particles (eg. chocolate pieces).

The DV depositor is provided with a special frame to be cantilevered over a tunnel oven and allow depositing directly on the oven band for those products in need of this processlike smooth mix biscuits.

The depositing head consists of a pair of motorized rollers to feed the dough mix underneath to the volumetric pumps with independent lobes (one for every outlet), which deposit the product with accuracy across the whole working width. The feed rollers and the lobe pumps are both driven by servo-motors for maximum control over the depositing process. There are two pairs of independent servo-motors to also drive the vertical and horizontal movements of the depositing head, by drastically cutting back in this way on mechanics, making the machine perform better and facilitating installation over an existing oven.


DVL Cookie Lines

The lobe depositor model DLV is a compact and versatile machine, designed to cope with the ever more diverse needs of the market. It is indicated for the production of wire cut biscuits and smooth batters on trays and it can be used to deposit cakes or fillings as well.

The depositor model DLV is made up of a belt conveyor for trays and of a vertical moving head. The depositing system with feed rollers and individual lobe pumps ILPS (Individual Lobe Pump System) makes it possible for the machine to accurately deposit a wide range of fluid, dense and whipped mixes, also containing small solid particles (eg. pieces of nuts, chocolate).

All the machine functions are PLC controlled and the working parameters relating to every product are easily programmable by the operator on an interface panel provided and storable for quick retrieval. The DLV depositor complies with the current standards of sanitation and security: the hopper, feed rollers, lobe pumps and nozzles can be easily stripped down to consent thorough cleaning while the main structure can be washed down with water jet; all the moving parts have protection guards in stainless steel with safety switches.


Capptronic Cookie LinesThis machine model CAPPTRONIC allows to produce sandwich cookies and spot deposited biscuits directly in line with the baking oven, thus eliminating complex and costly traditionally used stacking systems.

The design engineering of the CAPPTRONIC machine derives from the need to propose a complete production system for sandwich biscuits, dosable by lobe depositors (eg. model DFV).

The machine is made up of a conveyor to align the biscuits coming from a tunnel oven and of a conveyor on which the operations for overturning, depositing and capping the biscuit rows occur.

The depositing assembly consists of a manifold depositor which can be heated to deposit creams at controlled temperature. Capping takes place by suction cups of the Venturi effect and provides self-cleaning at every cycle to guarantee correct running operation.

The machine control is fully electronic and brushless motors are used on all the control devices. All adjustments of the devices can be carried out when the machine is running without having to stop production. All product contact parts are easily removable for cleaning operations, whereas the main conveyor, besides providing for continuous belt washing, can be fully washed down with water jet.